At Grass City Growers we surround ourselves with like minded professional businesses!
Have you met our friendly staff....... Yeah we know, they are great! However we have MANY additional team members behind the scenes that help make our business a growing success! From our suppliers to product specialists and beyond, our team is continually growing! We can ensure that all of your indoor gardening or hydroponic questions or issues, we have a TEAM MEMBER that can help!

Below are a couple of our main product suppliers. If you're looking for a specialty product or just want to stay up to date on any new products, we welcome you to browse their sites as well.
If you stumble upon that unique product you were looking for, just let us know. We will do what we can to bring it in and make available to you!

At the Hawthorne Gardening Company, we're on a relentless pursuit to push the limits of growing performance. As the world's largest vertically integrated manufacturer, direct seller and service provider dedicated to servicing North America's licensed producers and hydroponics retail industry, we take pride in the success of our commercial customers and the hobbyists who employ our brands in their gardens. We know that customers like you, now more than ever, need proven brands, services, and partners that help you exceed your growing ambitions. Our best-in-class brand portfolio has a proven track record of high performance and innovation—setting the tone for many others to follow. 

Through our signature brands we've blazed trails since 1976 and our list of "firsts" stretch across lighting, nutrients, growing media, fans, filtration, and other categories. Lastly, we're tapped into the rich pro horticulture growing expertise and resources of Scotts Miracle Gro—enabling us to deliver industry-leading investments in Research and Development, breakthroughs in quality assurance, best-in-class custom formulation development, tailor-made commercial services and more to deliver the highest quality inputs at the best price to our customers.

Whether you're interested in our thousands of direct skus that meet the needs of every grower, our bespoke commercial services to establish or optimize your licensed operation or are simply seeking a world-class distribution partner, Hawthorne Gardening Co. is your destination.


BIOFLORAL® is the leading Canadian wholesaler for commercial growers and retailers—a one-stop source for indoor and outdoor gardening industry. Over the past 20 years, BIOFLORAL® has built an excellent reputation around the world and thanks to our team, we have developed a complete expertise and offer a wide variety of products designed specifically for your crop type whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. BIOFLORAL® is proud to be associated with leading manufacturers around the world that offer high-quality products as well as Canadian licensed producers and commercial growers from coast to coast. With more than 100 combined years of experience, our team is available to fulfil your growing needs and help you achieve production goals.


For over 15 years, Stellar Wholesale Inc has been proudly distributing hydroponic, greenhouse and garden products exclusively to retailers and commercial growers. Over the years Stellar has grown and evolved to be the preferred supplier for some of the best quality brands in the industry.

Stellar's roots were firmly planted many years ago when, in the early 80's, the Hammond family opened one of the first retail hydroponics stores, Solar Greenhouse & Hydroponic Supply. The original store was opened and operated by Jenny and Ron and then later managed by their son, Scott .

In the late 1990s Jenny recognized that she needed to keep pace in a rapidly changing industry, so the decision was made to look for a business partner to compliment Scott's strong operational skills. Allison Ayles was brought on board as a financial business manager focused on future business diversity and development. Shortly thereafter it became apparent to Allison and Scott that in order to develop as planned the company needed to separate the wholesale operations from the retail business. Jenny and Ron were consulted and the end result was a company split, a new partnership, and the creation of Stellar Wholesale Inc.

With our vast knowledge of retail hydroponic operations our customers can rely on Stellar to provide the very best service this industry has to offer. We are one of the few distributors who offer same day delivery service locally and overnight service throughout B.C. Stellar Wholesale is also proud to distribute many excellent products from quality manufacturers. We evaluate and choose our products carefully so we can provide retail stores with innovative and quality goods. Our long standing policy of only selling to retail stores in the garden industry has assured our customers that we are here to support and help them grow their retail market.


Eddi's Wholesale is now one of the largest garden wholesale suppliers in Canada. We have now expanded as a national company with warehouses located in Langley BC and Cambridge ON. We now offer a streamlined ordering process, enhanced customer support, a wide selection of new products, and the same superior service you have received for over 50 years.

Eddi's Wholesale is a true wholesale distributor to the Horticultural industry across Canada. Our focus is to service the retail community with the widest selection of products and brands. This will enable Canadian retailers to service their customers and communities with the variety of goods they demand. We are a leading wholesale supplier of quality horticultural products to the Canadian market. With a large number of products ranging from organic based fertilizers, garden accessories, decorative planters, horticultural lighting and control products. We go beyond serving our clients' basic needs by providing complete and comprehensive goods and services. Our success is built on consistently maintaining a high level of customer service through focused supply chain management. Whether it's swiftly processing orders and returns, overnight delivery or technical support, you'll find our team of service providers are available and devoted to meeting and exceeding your expectations.


ILUMINAR Lighting is a premier lighting manufacturer of commercial, indoor lighting products for the agricultural market. Indoor agricultural lighting has a wide selection of products to choose from and ILUMINAR Lighting is one of the few companies to provide lighting for every application, from CMH, MH and HPS to state-of-the-art LED lighting. ILUMINAR has over 20 years experience in horticultural lighting and offers customized indoor lighting layouts and comparison studies for commercial applications.